AUVIX Announces Russian Digital Signage Center of Excellence

AUVIX Announces Russian Digital Signage Center of Excellence AUVIX today announced the launch of a new line of business – Digital Signage Solutions, developed to combine the existing products in the company’s portfolio, new suppliers and create a center of Digital Signage expertise at AUVIX.

Earlier this year, AUVIX decided to form a new Digital Signage Solutions Division (DSS). The decision to dedicate to the Digital Signage line a separate business unit was taken based on the analysis of the current needs of the market, as well as the company’s own business offers in this industry.

Alexander Pivovarov, a recognized expert in the field, who is actively promoting Digital Signage solutions on the Russian market for over six years, has been appointed as a head of DSS division at AUVIX.

Digital Signage is not a new topic to AUVIX. As a leader of the professional AV-market, AUVIX instantly responds to its developments. The company already has a range of products and solutions that are used for DSS. A new direction is intended to consolidate existing products, new suppliers and to create a center of Digital Signage expertise at AUVIX.

Evgeny Ovchinnikov, vice president at AUVIX told us “Our key task is to create such a Centre of Digital Signage expertise, which will help our partners to develop optimal solutions adjusted to the needs of the customer, to show them the benefits and ROI of these technologies”

AUVIX is ready to offer partners a full range of hardware solutions, a total ready-to-use solution for different applications, qualified expertise and qualitative technical trainings. The Training Center is equipped with all the necessary resources for conducting seminars and webinars for industry professionals.




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