AUVIX Announces Creation of Digital Signage Center of Excellence

AUVIX has announced the launch of a new line of business — Digital Signage Solutions — developed to combine the Russian company's existing products portfolio with new suppliers and to create a Center of Digital Signage Expertise.

Earlier this year, AUVIX decided to form a new Digital Signage Solutions (DSS) division. According to the company, the decision to dedicate a separate business unit to digital signage was taken based on an analysis of current market needs as well as the company's own business experience in the digital signage industry.

Alexander Pivovarov, a recognized expert who has been actively promoting digital signage solutions in the Russian market for more than six years, has been appointed as head of the new AUVIX DSS division.

As a leader in the professional AV-market, AUVIX already has a range of products and solutions used for digital signage. Despite the significant difference in technology development between Russia and Western Europe, the potential of the Russian digital signage market is virtually limitless, the company said.

"Digital Signage is a very broad and diverse world of technologies, which is not difficult to get lost in," said Evgeny Ovchinnikov, vice president at Moscow-based AUVIX. "It is not enough to only offer a list of products for the project. It is much more valuable to offer a selection of components for the solution, building the right infrastructure, taking into account all aspects of the problem… Our key task is to create such a Center of Digital Signage Expertise, which will help our partners develop optimal solutions adjusted to the needs of the customer, to show them the benefits and ROI of these technologies."

"Digital Signage Solutions is not a typical business unit in the structure of AUVIX," he added. "On the other hand, it is how a distribution channel develops globally, changing from box-moving to value-added distribution. [Our] Center of Expertise is just one of the components of this value added chain. "

According to the company, it is ready to offer partners a full range of hardware solutions, a total ready-to-use solution for different applications, qualified expertise and technical training.



Источник: Digital Signage Connection,

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